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In 1982, the Los Magnificos Car Club of Houston, Texas, held their first car show under the club leadership of Joel Carmona and his wife, Helen.  The Los Magnificos car show quickly garnered enough interest to become an annual event in Houston.  Over time, the car shows proved incredibly successful, eventually attracting interest from Houston’s KBXX 97.9 "The Box” radio station.  In an innovative move, a strategic relationship was formed in which Los Magnificos coordinated the car show in conjunction with a concert sponsored by the radio station.  This event became known as the Los Magnificos Custom Car Show and Concert.
Sadly, Joel Carmona, the longtime driving force behind Los Magnificos Car Club, passed away in a house fire in February of 1996.  The club thrived for a while under the direction of Helen Carmona, his wife, and Mark Martinez, who was like a son to Joel.  Later, Mark left to create Houston Society and the club members dwindled, but the car show events were continued in his memory by his wife, Helen, who eventually turned the day-to-day operations over to her daughters, Dani & Teresa, and son-in-laws, Jon Chuck & Eli Cancino.  Under the guidance of Helen, Jon, Teresa, Dani, and Eli, the Los Magnificos tradition lives on.
Today, Los Magnificos Car Club lives on as a small, family club.  Also, Los Magnificos continues to manage the Los Magnificos Custom Car Show and Music Festival. Currently in its 34th year, the car show, which started in a parking lot at Northline Mall, is now a mega-event that is considered one of the premier car shows outside of California.  In 2015, the show attracted over 600 cars for the 5th year in a row (along with 100 lowrider bikes and model cars), with many of the nation’s best lowriders and custom cars on display.  The show has even been called the largest indoor car show in North America by Mike Tirico on Monday Night Football.  With the success of the Houston show and the strong reputation in the lowrider community, Los Magnificos has branched out into other markets as well.  These shows represent the high standards associated with Los Magnificos-Houston as top-of-the-line car show and concert events. 

Los Magnificos strives to produce world-class custom car show events across the United States that are enjoyed by both the custom car exhibitor and the event spectator while at the same time allowing Los Magnificos to remain loyal to their beliefs and values.  This was Joel’s dream, and it is also shared by Helen, Jon, and Dani.  While they realize that the crowd produces the majority of the revenue, they vow to never lose sight of the exhibitors and their desires.

Los Magnificos has established itself as one of the premier car show promotion companies in the United States. The capabilities offered by Los Magnificos combined with the correctly aligned backing from a local radio station will continue to produce successful car shows and concerts in any market.

In addition to the event, Los Magnificos is involved throughout the custom car community, helping others with their events and being involved in any way possible.  With this commitment, the club has established a strong reputation for their community involvement.  The club attempts to promote a positive image of lowriding by helping various causes.  One example is the Helen Carmona Scholarship given annually to people involved in the lowriding community who are attempting to continue their education after high school.  Here is a brief list of some other causes the club has been involved in:
The Battered Women's Shelter
Star of Hope - women's shelter
Pancho Claus
St. Joseph Catholic Church
Christ The King Catholic Church
Thanksgiving dinner for the homeless
Toys for tots
Soccer uniforms for low-income kids
Several fundraisers throughout the Houston area





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